Sales Agreement Form

  • (excluding commision)
  • (payable upon completion - IVA to be added)
  • (+Commission)
    1. The Owner authorises Eurobasic SL (B66573734), trading as Come Buy with Me, to sell and promote to sell the property listed on page 1. The Owner and Eurobasic SL both agree to the Terms and Conditions as listed here.
    2. The Vendor, through their signature of this document, warrants that they are the legal title holder of the property.
    3. In the case of the Vendor authorising another party to sign on their behalf, both the Vendor and the signing party agree to the Terms and Conditions as listed here. In this case the Authorised party acknowledges that they have full permission from the Vendor to act on their behalf.
    4. Any alterations to the listing of the property, including price changes, private sale and/or the property being withdrawn from the market, must be reported to Eurobasic SL. In the case of a price change, the decision must be reported in writing by Eurobasic SL to ReSales-Online. If however a vendor withdraws his property from the market and subsequently sells the property to a purchaser who had been introduced through a ReSales-Online member, then the commission percentage as agreed in this contract, will be applied, and due for payment to the relevant agencies.
    5. The Vendor agrees to pay the commissions plus applicable IVA to Eurobasic SL in the case of a sale to a purchaser which had been introduced by Eurobasic SL. In the case of another Member Agency introducing the purchasing contact, the commission is to be split between Eurobasic SL and the introducing Agency at their previously agreed percentages. Such payments are to be held by the Vendors Legal representative for the purpose of payment to the Agency or Agencies concerned. If, however, such payments are not held by the Legal Representative, they are still due for payment by the Vendor to the Agency or Agencies. The Commission is payable with 50% upon signing & 50% upon completion of the sale.
    6. In the case of non-completion of the sale by the Vendor, the reservation deposit will be refunded in full to the Buyer. In case of non-completion by the Buyer it is agreed that 50% of the initial reservation deposit will be paid to the Vendor and 50% retained by The Agent, as compensation for expenses undertaken.
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